You hope your trip will go perfectly. So do we. However if something goes wrong, having travel insurance can help protect your financial future. That's where our travel insurance can help. We focus on what matters.

With over 30 years of experience and many millions of travellers served, we know how to help you when you need it the most. With our travel Insurance , our policy holders receive:

  • High-quality travel cover at an affordable price;
  • Fast, fair and efficient handling of all your claims;
  • A global team of travel experts that puts your safety and well-being first; and
  • 24 hour emergency assistance from our team of experienced travel assistance providers.

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Thousands of people experience some kind of trouble overseas each year. Having the right cover is important while travelling. If you fall ill, have an accident while overseas, travel insurance can ensure that you can get the best possible care and you can be moved to the best possible facility.

Travel Insurance provides you with the protection of the medical cost.

Travel Insurance can cover disruption to your trip

You can be reimbursed for your losses and expenses

Accidents can happen to anyone, and medical costs overseas can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Australians have faced financial hardship to cover these costs when things go wrong*


According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), daily hospital costs in Southeast Asia regularly exceed $800 and return of remains from Europe can cost in excess of $10,000. The cost of medical evacuations from the United States regularly range from $75,000 to $95,000 and sometimes up to $300,000. DFAT has also handled medical evacuations from Bali in which costs have exceeded $60,000*

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*Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

#This insurance is issued and managed by Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd ABN 95003114145 AFSL 241713. The issuer of insurance is Great Lakes Australia ARBN 127 740 532, ABN 18 964 580 576, AFSL No. 318603. This is general information only and does not consider your personal circumstances. You should consider the Product disclosure statement available from us before making any decisions about this product. Cover-More Insurance pays Travel Traders Pty Ltd. commission which is a percentage of your premium. For details ask us before we provide you with any services on these products.